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Things to consider when looking for Student Accommodation

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When you finally get a place to study, chances are that it will be far from home. In this case, you will need to look for accommodation for your entire stay at the university.

There are many different types of accommodations to choose from, and at the same time, many factors to consider when choosing a place to stay.

Choose student residences or private accommodation

You can either live in your university's residence halls or choose private accommodation. If it is your first year, you should try to stay in a dorm because you will meet other students who are in a similar situation as you - new and far away from home.

However, if you are confident enough, you can look elsewhere and probably find a good flat to rent, and if you happen to know other students, you can even share the flat.

Finding the right student housing is very important because it can change the way you experience your studies. Since the demand for student housing is very high, sometimes it becomes difficult to find a good student housing. The following tips can help you find student housing.


Location plays an important role in your student life. Students usually prefer accommodation close to the university to save on travel time and costs. A smaller time commitment means you have more time to study and play.

Research well

You may find that the people you meet at your university are new to the city. With more and more students moving to a different city for their studies, chances are they do not know the city well. If you are planning to move to a new city for your studies, do thorough research to get an idea of the local attractions, amenities, shopping, recreational facilities, etc. That way, you will not waste more time travelling.

Get expert advice

Get Advice for accommodation

Every place has a few people who know the place and culture well. Knowing more about the local culture and customs is invaluable, especially when it comes to dealing with the locals. Learn more about the people, history and customs. Knowing about the local people and their culture will help you in later stages.

Decide on accommodation

It is also important to decide what you want from a student accommodation. Doing thorough research with your friends can help you figure out what to expect for the money you are willing to spend. Since everyone has different needs, you can’t be sure that what's good for others will be good for you. If you can share your room or house with someone, you may need to find a larger place so you can both live comfortably.

Stay flexible

If you are not living with your parents, realise that you'll need to be flexible to meet the demands of everyday life. The campus may change, transportation may change, or your roommates may want to live somewhere else on their own.

When you move to a new city, you'll face many challenges. But remember that everyone faces the same challenges. So do not be discouraged.

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Things to consider when looking for Student Accommodation

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